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Bedford Lifestyle Clinic

Supporting children, teenagers and adults to manage their stress and anxiety

Children and Teenagers

Catherine has worked with children and teenagers over many years during her career as a children’s nurse and health visitor. Within Bedford Lifestyle Clinic she utilises her skills and experience to support children, teenagers and their parent(s)/carer(s) to help manage the many stresses and anxieties that they face, by working with them using Emotional Freedom Technique which is also know as EFT or Tapping. Please view the Emotional Freedom Technique section for full details of this therapy.

Catherine is able to work with children aged 3 years and upwards, as EFT is very simple and younger children can do this with support, help and guidance from their parent(s)/carer(s).  When a child or teenage is seen a parent/carer will be present; teenagers may choose to be seen alone, so the parent/carer can be seated outside of the clinic room. The parent will usually be present in an observer role, but with younger children and on occasions with older children and teenagers, Catherine may include them for clarity and understanding about what we are addressing. By being present, the parent/carer can also learn EFT which will help them to support their son /daughter outside of the sessions. Tapping ‘homework’ will usually be given to continue our work between sessions.

Catherine works with children and teenagers in a positive coaching way that is both age and ability appropriate. She rewards participation and progress with praise and positive feedback, and also uses picture stickers with younger children. The duration of each session is tailored to each individual child /young person, taking into account their ability to interact and their attention span, with most sessions lasting between 40 – 60 minutes.


Telephone consultation

It is usual for Catherine to have a telephone consultation with you before an appointment is made for your son or daughter. This helps you to feel comfortable that Catherine is the right therapist to work with your child, and enables Catherine to understand the problems, concerns and issues that need addressing.


Things that Catherine will ask about/discuss during the telephone conversation may include:

  • What are the issues, problems or concerns that your son / daughter is experiencing?

  • How long have the issues, problems or concerns been present?

  • What at the stress levels within the family / household like at present?

  • School issues, including favourite and least favourite subjects and teachers

  • Friendships and relationships

  • Interests and hobbies

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